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The Bermuda Triangle - Truths and Misconceptions

The Bermuda Triangle - Truths and Misconceptions

The area of the Atlantic Ocean labeled "The Bermuda Triangle" consists of a vast stretch of water roughly contained within the boundaries of a line from Miami, Florida to the island of Bermuda, south to Puerto Rico and back to the east coast of Florida. Within the last five hundred years there have developed many legends and much speculation that something highly mysterious occurs in this area of the Atlantic.

There are purely physical reasons that make this a hazardous region for land dwelling creatures to venture forth upon. The weather patterns in this area have several factors working to keep it in an ever-changing flux of conditions. The warm Gulf Stream passes back into the colder Atlantic waters along this area and the temperature differentials keep quick forming storms appearing. This area is also along the northern edge of the hurricane zone and is often swept by these massive summer storms.

Nestled within this area is the Sargasso Sea. This predominantly shallow region is surrounded and held in place by four major ocean currents, the Gulf Stream, the North Atlantic Current, the Canary Current and the North Atlantic Equatorial Current. This area contains not only the shallow areas of sea floor but also some of the deepest trenches in the Atlantic Ocean, thus generating even more hazardous ebbs and flows of these vast currents.

Within the clockwise swirl of this strong moving water grows vast fields of Sargassum seaweed. This algae plant roots itself to the ocean floor and utilizes air sacs to raise the upper fronds to the surface for photosynthesis. When first discovered by Portuguese sailors in the early 1500's this plant life covered the area so thickly that sailing ships could hardly penetrate into it and if they did, found themselves often becalmed and stranded in it's midst.

From the very beginning of European shipping to the North American continent this area has been both blessing and curse. Coming from Europe the sailing ships followed the westward blowing trade winds that ride the Equatorial Current and return utilizing the flow of the Gulf Stream back to Europe. Even now, with motorized vessels being the primary seagoing transport, this area is one of the most heavily traveled shipping lanes in the world. With the advent of air traffic a century ago, it has now become one of the most used air traffic lanes as well.

Yes there are more than the average number of accidents, deaths and disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle area than in most other parts of the oceans of our world. This should be expected rather than mystified since this area sees more traffic than any other shipping lane in the Atlantic. Couple this congestion with the seething variables of current, climate and weather conditions that are unique to the region and you have a ready-made recipe for disaster.

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The Bermuda Triangle and Antarctica

The Bermuda Triangle and Antarctica

The art or science of metallurgy is vital to the social structures surrounding all esoteric beliefs. They are the most tangible items of the cosmic soup that are possibly drawn to certain Earth Energy Grid locations as we shall see. The shamans who gathered meteorite material to fashion tools and weapons as well as for the use of the metals and spirits thereof became great aristocrats, as their family or heritage and legends grew. Genghis Khan (Temujin) is from such a family and most of the early aristocrats were either adept (like the House of David and Solomon) themselves or worked closely with these artisans who we could call alchemists, as Mircae Eliade does in his 'The Forge and The Crucible'. When the Spanish arrived in Mayan lands they asked the Aztecs and others where their knives came from, they also found a meteorite at the venerated apex of the Cholula pyramid. They pointed to the heavens and the Spanish reports call this paganism. When this use of metals began is anyone's guess.

It requires no great debate or references of authorities to know the almost ultimate import of meteors in the ancient past when one considers just these two things. The Ka'aba is a black meteorite in Mecca and there is a ritual among the Islamic faithful who must visit it once in their lifetime. That ritual of approaching this sacred relic from very ancient times (before Islam) is learned by all of Islam. In Mexico there are pyramids with churches on top (now) that used to house meteorites.

"In 1969, a Japanese scientific expedition was trekking near the Yamato Mountains, in the region of the Antarctic {Under international domain.} icecap that lies directly south of Africa. The Japanese found nine dark meteorites lying close together on the surface of the ice.

Given meteorites' scarcity, the expedition leaders assumed that the nine samples they found were fragments of a single large specimen that had broken apart in its fall to the ice. To their amazement, however, they soon discovered that their finds were all of different types and chemical compositions. They were not pieces of one rock. They had not even formed in the same region of the solar system. This was thrilling! The convergence of nine separate thunders tones at that single spot implied that the ice sheet itself was somehow collecting those rarities of nature and sweeping them together.

The Japanese mounted more expeditions to the Yamato ice in 1973, 1974, 1975, and 1979, and they were rewarded with a grand total of 3,000 meteorites. Every year since then, during the brief Antarctic summer, international expeditions have converged on the Japanese rock gardens. Each small meteorite is photographed where it lies and then nudged gingerly into a teflon bag, which is an awkward procedure when performed with thick mittens and in deep subzero cold, with the stone skittering on the ice. Once bagged, each specimen is shipped home and studied in an antiseptic laboratory, using the same sort of apparatus built to study Moon rocks. The sample is never touched by human hands.” (1)

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Bermuda Triangle Facts - or Fiction?

Bermuda Triangle Facts - or Fiction?

One of the few Bermuda Triangle Facts that can be confirmed is the Bermuda Triangle location. In fact, the location of the Bermuda Triangle is somewhat arbitrary as well. There are no official boundaries. However, the triangle is generally assumed to run from Bermuda to Puerto Rico to Miami and back to Bermuda.

A fact that is unexplained about the Bermuda Triangle is that electro-magnetic compasses that normally point to the magnetic north pole, point to the true north pole when used inside the area of the Bermuda Triangle. This phenomena happens in only one place other than the Bermuda Triangle – the Devil’s Sea off the east coast of Asia.

The term Bermuda Triangle was in fact first used in an Argosy Magazine article written by Vincent H. Gaddis in 1964. Since that time, a number of “nicknames” have immerged for the Bermuda Triangle – Limbo of the Lost, Hoodoo Sea, and even Devil’s Triangle – some coined in literature.

One fact is undeniable about the Bermuda Triangle. There have been a number of strange and sometimes unexplained disappearances in the Triangle. The tale of Flight 19 – a group of five Navy torpedo bombers and one search plane disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle area (perhaps!) – is the most notorious of these.

However, there have been strange occurrences observed in the area of the Bermuda Triangle as well. Even as far back as the 1492 crossing of the Atlantic by Christopher Columbus, these have been recorded. Columbus documented in his logs of strange occurrences with his compass in the area that we now consider the Bermuda Triangle.

Another fact about the Bermuda Triangle that is undeniable is that the area has claimed over 1,000 lives in the past 100 years. Some of these are a result of “human error” in navigating the area. However there are always suspicious or unexplained disappearances happening in the Bermuda Triangle.

There is a vast array of lore surrounding the existence of the Bermuda Triangle. Some of this stems from the idea that with-in the Bermuda Triangle lies the lost city of Atlantis in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Off the coast of Bimini, there is a set of underwater steps believed to be part of that civilization. Little exploration can be done because the Bermuda Triangle includes some of the deepest trenches in the Atlantic Ocean – much too deep to explore.

Today, thousands of passages are made through the Bermuda Triangle every year. Virtually every Caribbean cruise originating from the east coast of North America passes through part of the Bermuda Triangle. Modern planes fly to the Caribbean hotspots and from southern United States to Europe through the Bermuda Triangle. Perhaps the next time you travel through the Bermuda Triangle by air or sea you will think of the lost civilization of Atlantis and her mighty power?

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Myth & Facts About Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Myth & Facts About Bermuda Triangle Mystery

The Bermuda Triangle is unavoidably associated with disappearances of aircraft's and vessels. Several theories in regard to the strange phenomenon have been put forward, which include time travel, UFO's, missing time, as well as wormholes. Uncommon incidents have however been reported by several people, while they were on their way through the Bermuda triangle.

Several myths have been associated with this mysterious area. Some of them are as follows:

Myth 1:

Bermuda is an area centrally located within the Sargasso, including the area of the Sargasso Sea, having the uninformed assumes that the two are synonymous.

Fact 1:

This is a clear case of complete exaggeration. The area is situated much different from the myths.

Myth 2

Investigations have not been able to produced scientific evidence of any unusual phenomena involved in the disappearances.

Fact 2

It needs to be mentioned here that one would have to witness a disappearance in order to determine what was directly involved. This has obviously not been done, and such a comment, as a result, is a lame one.

There have been no scientific expeditions to investigate the overall Triangle. Independent people, often possessing degrees in one of the sciences, have made their own, sometimes truncated study. Most have produced some very interesting discoveries. Dr. Zink's observations at Biminis revealed unexplained magnetic variations in the compass at the precise time each year in early August (consistent in some ways with Yelkin's theories). Wilbert Smith's studies revealed areas of "reduced bindings" in the magnetic field that came and went. But as for any scientific expeditions into the Triangle to take readings or tests or to see if something would happen, none has ever been done.

The Bermuda triangle has baffled people from all across the globe. With more and more theories and explanations coming up, the confusion continues.

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Earth's Magnetism - The Bermuda Triangle Mystery and Coral Castle

Earth's Magnetism - The Bermuda Triangle Mystery and Coral Castle

The mystery of the Bermuda triangle has become everybody's knowledge in today's technological era. Many scientists have tried to solve the enigmatic disappearance of air and watercraft when they pass by this triangular area in the Atlantic Ocean. Their conclusion (or lack of it) varies widely, but there is one menacing finding among all of them: compasses go haywire when crafts pass by the triangle.

A compass uses the Earth's magnetic field to point to the true north, or magnetic north, all the time. All the findings of scientists interested in solving the Bermuda triangle mystery and the accounts of survivors who managed to escape fate at the area pin points to erratic compass readings continue to plague our minds. Even Columbus had an account in his journal telling about an anomaly in his compass while passing at the triangle. He needed to correct the deviation in order to stay on course.

What causes this erratic compass reading within the Bermuda triangle is anyone's guess. Some say that a vortex between the Earth and the outer space converge in the area resulting to erratic magnetic field readings; others say that aliens use the area to abduct people, thus they deliberately mess up the magnetic field to confuse navigators, no one really knows exactly.

The fact that no single scientist understands fully the power and the workings or magnetism leaves the true cause of magnetic interference in the triangle to the human imagination. Until scientists can prove or disprove the claims of magnetic levitation by Leedskalnin when he built the Coral Castle or the crazy compass when passing through Bermuda Triangle, the real secrets of magnetism are still shrouded in mystery, and up for grabs to anyone who can unlock more of nature's mystery.

To learn more about Coral Castle and strange things about magnetism, have a look at the Coral Castle Flywheel images, a device with interesting magnetic properties.

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The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

One of the greatest mysteries of the modern world is the Bermuda Triangle also know as "Devil's Triangle". The Bermuda Triangle is a region of the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda . Miami-FL , and San Juan-PR. The Triangle has been a place where ships and planes have disappeared and continue to disappear in ways that defy explanation. Many people have claimed that the happenings in this area fall beyond the boundaries of human error and acts of nature and are likely linked to the paranormal or maybe even acts of extraterrestrial beings.

There have been a substantial numbers of documents and reports from the triangle that show some incidents have been inaccurately reported and even embellished on by many. Though at the same time there are many other disappearances that have clearly been correctly reported and have remained unexplained despite considerable investigations and deny explanation. Incidents have been reported including planes flying through what seemed like wormholes and thick unnatural cloud formations, ships disappearing in open waters leaving no signs. Some of the more well known and documented disappearances are as follows:

Flight 19 - a training flight that went missing on December 5, 1945 while over the triangle. The impression is that the group of plains encountered unusual phenomena and anomalous compass readings from still unexplained reasons even thought reports were that the flight took place on a calm and clear day. The official navy report if the accident is ascribed as " Cause or reason unknown" as to the disappearance.

Mary Celeste - This documented story is often linked to the triangle but some dispute the fact that the happening actually took place in the triangle and instead perhaps happened off the coast of Portugal. In 1872 the "Mary Celeste" was found abandoned without any trace of her crew or what may have happened to them.

USS Cyclops - This incident is still the single largest loss of life by the US Navy not related to combat. After departing from the island of Barbados on March 4, 1918 the USS Cyclops went missing without a trace somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. To date there are no strong theories to the cause of its disappearance.

There have been many attempts at explaining some of the happenings in the Bermuda Triangle. From many natural explanations such as Methane Hydrates , Compass Variations, Hurricanes , Gulf Stream current, and Freak (rogue) Waves along with simple human error and deliberate acts of destruction. Although there are some who say there is a lot more to the triangle and attribute a lot of its odd happenings to things such as leftover technology from the lost continent of Atlantis which sank under triangle waters , UFO's and extraterrestrial beings , mysterious and anomalous forces controlling the triangle area.

Will the mystery of the triangle ever be discovered ? Are the triangle happenings simply explained and occur no more often than incidents in other area's of ocean around the world ? Or does the triangle hide a gateway to another world , or time warp enhanced wormholes ?

"The Search Never Ends"

For more information and up to date reports from the Bermuda Triangle and many other monsters and myths from around the world - check out

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Bermuda Triangle Is Nothing But A Myth

In real life there is often a thin line between tragedy and mystery. Such are the circumstances surrounding the fate of Flight 19 recalled by the recent recovery of a World War II Navy torpedo bomber from the sea bottom near Key West.

Treasure salvor Mel Fisher and his crew found the corroded plane 16 years ago while searching for the Spanish galleon Atocha. Having, brought up several million dollars worth of gold and jewels from the ancient ship, Fisher lifted the more modern wreckage to view once more.

By tracing a serial number, the plane was identified as one of 24 that went down during training flights from the Key West Naval Air Station in 1945.

Until the identification, newspapers and television revived the "Bermuda Triangle" myth speculating that the old plane was one of five that disappeared "without trace" in December 1945 with 14 crewmen.

As a Yeoman aboard U.S.S. Eagle 27 at Key West and Fort Lauderdale in the closing months of WWII, I participated in the first of a series of flight tragedies of which Flight 19 was but a part. The true story is absorbing.

True Story

In July 1945, the Eagle 27 was attached to the Naval Air Station at Fort Lauderdale. Our mission was to deploy in the Gulf Stream while fledgling pilots attempted to target us with dummy torpedoes set to run deep, under our hull.

We replaced a sister Eagle which was sunk when an errant torpedo, accurately aimed, tore all the way through the unlucky ship. Perhaps it, too, will be recovered someday and fuel again the legend of evil forces lurking in the briny deep.

Our last mission was to assist in the search for a missing PBY "flying boat." The plane took off from the Miami Naval Air Station on a patrol flight and disappeared without word, taking 15 crewmen to their deaths. We recovered one body mangled by sharks.

Shortly thereafter the venerable Eagles were decommissioned, and I was honorably discharged. Before the year was over, Flight 19 hit the headlines. Newspapers, magazines and radio (no TV yet) kept the story pumped up for weeks. Eventually a legend of hype was established. I was doing a stint on the Detroit Free Press rewrite desk and followed the story closely.

Here are the facts, confirmed over the years by additional research.

Flight 19 consisted of five Grumman Avenger torpedo planes. Each was loaded with 18,250 pounds of fuel, enough for 1,000 miles of flight. All were equipped with two magnetic compasses, radio, identification signal transmitters (IFF) and electronic homing beams. All pre-flighted OK.

Three crewmen were assigned to each plane and each man wore a "Mae West" life jacket. Each plane also carried a rubber life raft in an outside storage compartment, and the raft inflated automatically upon contact with water. The flight leader was Lt. Charles C. Taylor, an experienced instructor recently transferred to the station.

Taylor at 1:15 requested to be relieved of the mission but gave no reason. His last-minute request was denied. One crewman also asked to be excused because of illness; and, in this case, was granted.

Clear Weather

The flight took off on schedule at 2:10 p.m. in clear, bright weather. Their orders were to fly east 56 miles, simulate low-level bombing runs over Hens and Chickens Cay, continue on 67 miles, turn north 73 miles to Grand Bahama Island, then turn southwest 120 miles to home base. The whole exercise was estimated to take two hours.

The first contact with Flight 19 occurred at 3:40 p.m. when Lt. Robert F. Cox, another instructor flying that day, overheard Taylor talking to one of his students named Powers over the 4805 training-flight radio channel: "What does your compass read? I don't know where we are. We must have got lost after that last turn."

Cox cut in and asked if Taylor needed help. "Both my compasses are out and I am trying to find Fort Lauderdale, Florida," said Taylor. "I am over land, but it's broken. I'm sure I'm in the Keys, but I don't know how far down, and I don't know how to get to Fort Lauderdale."

Cox told Taylor to put the afternoon sun on port wing and if he was over the Keys he would quickly reach the southern tip of Florida. Cox said he would begin to fly south.

The leader of Flight 19 radioed back, "I know where I am now. I'm at 2,300 feet. Don't come after me." Nevertheless, Cox turned south to try and intercept the lost planes. Radio signals between the two men grew increasingly weaker, indicating they were growing farther apart instead of closer.

Birth Of Myth

The above transcript of conversation with Flight 19, taken from the official Board of Inquiry record, is here recounted because the sensationalists have invented wild accounts of Taylor's remarks. Alleged assertions of "the sun doesn't look right" "the ocean looks strange," everything is white" are inventions to invoke the mysterious power of the Bermuda Triangle.

It was apparent that Flight 19 was exactly where it should be, north of the Bahamas. Repeated efforts to get Taylor to turn west or to shift to the emergency radio channel instead of the now out-of-range training frequency were ignored. Taylor indicated he was fearful that if he switched he might lose contact with his other planes.

This was a fatal mistake that deprived him of accurate instructions. In his confusion he also failed to turn on his IFF signal which would have registered him on radar screens, and to turn on his automatic homing signal.

Despite all, shore-based radio operators managed to get a radio direction "fix" on Taylor's faint signal just before the planes ran out of gas about 8 p.m.

Two PBY flying boats, which had been standing by since 4 p.m., were dispatched on different courses to the fix at 29 degrees north and 79 degrees west.

The PBY "Mariner" did not radio a requested position one half hour after takeoff. Repeated attempts to raise the rescue craft were unavailing. That plane and its 13 crewmen also were missing! The next day a fishing trawler crew reported that they had seen the PBY explode and fall to the water.

The second rescue plan reached the fix area without mishap and began an expanded-square search procedure. It was joined shortly by many more planes and ships. A six-day search of the South Atlantic, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico did not find life rafts, debris, bodies or oil slick. Nothing.

Weather at the fix point was found to be limited visibility, winds of 35 knots and "turbulent seas."

It was now clear what happened.

When Flight 19 turned north after its bombing run it ran into a typical Gulf Stream summer squall. Overcast skies obscured the sun, violent wind rocked the planes causing the compasses to rock to and fro. This is a condition well known to sailors and airmen. Surely Taylor had encountered the phenomenon so it is surprising that he panicked when he could not orient himself. He compounded his difficulty when he mistook the Bahama Cays for the Florida Keys.

Perhaps Taylor was experiencing some physical or mental problem that day that caused him to ask to be excused and which later clouded his judgment. Certainly he persisted in zigzagging northeast against instructions from shore personnel. Even two of his students were overheard imploring him to turn west. However, being disciplined officers, they followed their leader to the death of all.

Tragic, but not mysterious.

March 7, 1987

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