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Bermuda Triangle: what happened to Flight 19? - BBC

Bermuda Triangle: what happened to Flight 19? - BBC

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Aircraft missing over the years(part 20

Aircraft missing over the years(part 2

51. 1973, August 10: Beechcraft Bonanza between Fort
Lauderdale & Marsh Harbour, Bahamas. 4 persons.

52. 1973, August 26: after departing Viaquez, PR; Cessna
150. 3 persons.

53. 1973, December 20: a Lake Amphibian between
Nassau and Bimini. (near Bimini). 3 persons.

54. 1974, February 10: pilot and his Cessna 414 vanish
after leaving treasure Cay, Bahamas.

55. 1974, February 10: that night a Pilattus -Brittan-
Norman Islander with pilot and co-pilot disappear at
7:31 P.M. on approach St. Thomas.

56. 1974, July 13: Piper PA-32 between West Palm Beach &
Walker Cay, Bahamas.

57. 1974, August 11: Beech K35 Bonanza after departing
Pompano Beach, FL. for Philadelphia. 2 persons.

58. 1975, February 25: Piper PA-30; Greensboro, NC. to
Freeport, GBI; pilot only.

59. 1975, May 2: Cessna “Skymaster”; Fort Lauderdale

60. 1975, July 28: Cessna 172; vicinity Fort Lauderdale. 1

61. 1975, December 9: Cessna 172; St. Croix to St. Kitts. 1;

62. 1976, June 4: Beech D50; Pahokee, FL., to Dominican
Republic; 2.

63. 1976, August 8: Piper PA-28; Vera Cruz, Mexico to
Brownsville, TX; 1. (See Q&A Arguments on shape)

64. 1976, October 24: Beech E-50; Opa Locka, FL. to Grand
Turk Island.

65. 1976, December 28: Piper PA-23; Anguilla to Beef
Island; 6.

66. 1978, February 22: a KA-6 Navy attack bomber
vanished from radar 100 miles off Norfolk en route
U.S.S. John F. Kennedy; 2.

67. 1978, March 25: Aero Commander 680; Opa Locka-
Imokalee, FL. to Freeport, Grand Bahama; 2.

68. 1978, April 27: Ted Smith 601; Pompano Beach to
Panama City, FL.; 1.

69. 1978, April 30: Cessna 172; Dillon, SC., to unknown; 1.

70. 1978, May 19: Piper PA-28 Fort Pierce to Nassau; 4.

71. 1978, May 26: Beech 65; Port-au-Prince to Bahamas; 2.

72. 1978, July 18: Piper PA-31; Santa Marta, Col. to
Port-au- Prince; 2.

73. 1978, September 21: Douglas DC-3; Fort Lauderdale to
Havana; 4.

74. 1978, November 3: Piper PA-31; St. Croix to St.
Thomas; 1.
N59912 (right off St. Thomas)

75. 1978, November 20: Piper PA-23; De Funiak Springs to
Gainsville, FL.; 4.

76. 1979, January 11: Beech A23A; Opa Locka to St.
Thomas; 2.

77. 1979, April 2: Beech E18s; Fort Lauderdale to Cat
Island, Bahamas; 1.

78. 1979, April 24: Piper PA-28R; Fort Lauderdale to
Nassau; 4.

79. 1979, June 30: Cessna 150J; St. Croix to St. Thomas; 2.

80. 1979, September 9: Cessna 182; New Orleans to
Pensacola, Florida. 3 persons.

81. 1979, October 4: Aero Commander 500; Andros Island
to West Palm Beach, FL.; pilot;

82. 1979, October 27: Piper PA-23; Montego Bay, Jamaico
to Nassau; pilot.

83. 1979, November 19: Beech D50b; Delray Beach, FL to
to Key West; 1.

84. 1979, December 21: Piper PA-23; Aguadilla to South
Caicos Island; 4 persons.

85. 1980, February 11: Beech 58; St. Thomas to unknown;
only pilot aboard; reported stolen.

86. 1980, May 19: Lear Jet; West Palm Beach to New
Orleans; 2.

87. 1980, June 28; Erco 415-D; Santo Domingo, DR., to San
Juan, PR; 2 persons. Pilot reported UFO before

88. 1981, January 6: Beech c35; Bimini to Nassau; 4

89. 1982, July 5: Piper PA-28R-201T; Nashville to Venice,
FL.; 4.

90. 1982, September 28: Beech H35; Marsh Harbour to
Fort Pierce, FL.; 2.

91. 1982, October 20: Piper PA-31; Anguilla to ST.
Thomas, VI. 8 persons. Charter Service.

92. 1982, November 5: Beech 65-B80; Fort Lauderdale to
Eleuthera Island, Bahamas; 3 persons.

93. 1983, October 4: a Cessna T-210-J; Andros Town,
Bahamas to Fort Pierce, FL.; 3 persons.

94. 1983, November 20: Cessna 340A disappeared near
Orangeville, Fl.; pilot.

95. 1984, March 12: a Piper between Key West and
Clearwater, Florida; 4 persons.

96. 1984, March 31: Cessna 402b between Fort
Lauderdale and Bimini; 6 persons.

97. 1984, December 23: Aeronca 7AC between Cross City,
Florida and Alabama; pilot.

98. 1985, January 14: a Cessna 337 in Atlantic northeast
of Jacksonville; 4 persons.

99. 1985, May 8: Cessna 210k; Miami to Port-au-Prince,
Haiti; pilot.

100. 1985, July 12: Piper between Nassau and Opa Locka;
4 persons.

101. 1985, August 3: a Cessna 172; somewhere near Fort
Meyers, FL.; pilot. ??

102. 1985, September 8: a Piper northeast of Key West at
10:08 P.M. en route from Fort Lauderdale; 2 persons.

103. 1985, October 31: Piper at 8:29 A.M. ; between
Sarasota, FL. and Columbus, Georgia; pilot.

104. 1986, March 26: a Piper en route from Miami to West
End or Freeport, GBI.; 6 persons.

105. 1986, August 3: A Twin Otter charter, around St.
Vincent; 13 persons.

106. 1987, May 27: a Cessna 402c; between Palm Beach,
FL. and Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco,Bahamas; 1.

107. 1987, June 3: a Cessna 401; Freeport to Crooked
Island; 4 persons.

108. 1987, December 2: Cessna 152; La Romana to nearby
San Juan; pilot.

109. 1988, February 7: a Beechcraft over the Caribbean
Sea; 4 persons.

110. 1989, February 6: a Piper; after departing
Jacksonville, Florida; pilot despondent. 1.

111. 1990, January 24: Cessna 152 on instructional flight;
near West Palm Beach, FL. 2 persons.

112. 1990, June 5: Piper; St. Maarten to St. Croix; pilot.

113. 1990, August 10: Piper; between Sebastian, FL. and
Freeport, GBI.; 4 persons.
N6946D. Body found off

114. 1991, April 24: Piper Comanche; off Florida; pilot.

115. 1991, May 30: near Long Boat Key; Piper signalled
directional gyro not working; spun into ocean; 2.

116. 1991, October 31: Grumman Cougar jet; over Gulf of
Mexico; vanished on ascent while on radar; 2.

117. 1993, September 30: Within Miami sector; Cessna
152, with only pilot on board.

118. 1994, August 28: Piper PA-32; Treasure Cay,
Bahamas to Fort Pierce; 2 persons.

119. 1994, September 19: Piper PA-23; over Caribbean; 5.

120. 1994, December 25: Piper PA-28; unknown; over
Florida; pilot.

121. 1996, May 2: Aero Commander; Atlantic/Caribbean;
vanished with 3 in charter service.

122. 1998, August 19: Piper PA-28; Atlantic\Caribbean; 4.

123. 1999. May 12, Aero Commander N6138X; near Nassau
only pilot aboard.

124. 2001, October 27, Cessna 172, after leaving
Winterhaven, Florida; only pilot aboard.

125. 2002, September 6, Piper Pawnee, southeast of
Nassua, Bahamas; only pilot on board.

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Aircraft missing over the years(part 1)

The aircraft below are listed for purposes of assisting in identification. I do not necessarily believe every one is the result of unexplainable mystery

1. 1945, December 5: The entire training flight of five Navy
TBM Avengers. Plane #s FT-28, FT-36, FT-117,
FT-3, FT-81. Crew: 14

2. 1945, December 5: PBM Martin Mariner. Off Banana
River, Florida at 28o 59’ NL 80o 25 WL. Crew:13

3. 1947, July 3: a C-54 Douglas en route from Bermuda to
Miami in cargo service. Crew: 7.

4. 1948, January 30: BSAAC Tudor IV Airliner Star Tiger
near Bermuda, northest. 29 crew and passengers, includ
ing Air Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham. GAHNP.

5. 1948, December 28: NC-16002, Douglas DC-3 passenger
airliner; south of Miami on approach to the airport
(within 50 miles). crew and passengers: 31.

6. 1949, January 17: Tudor IV Star Ariel (sister of Star
) Bermuda for Kingston, Jamaica. Crew and
pasengers: 19. GAGRE.

7. 1954, October 30: Super Constellation, in Navy service.
Maryland for Lajes, in the Azores. Crew and passengers:

8. 1956, November 9: Martin Marlin amphibious patrol
plane, about 350 miles north of Bermuda. Crew: 10.

9. 1961, October 15: an 8 engine SAC B-52 “Pogo 22” north
of Bermuda while returning from routine maneuvers.

10. 1962, January 8: Air Force KB-50 Aerial tanker. North
Carolina to Lajes, Azores. Crew: 8.

11. 1962, May 27: a C-133 Cargomaster, between Dover and
Lajes, Azores. Crew:10.

12. 1963, August 28: 2 KC-135 Stratotanker jets
mysteriously disintergrate over the Sargasso Sea,
enroute back to Miami from refueling near Bermuda.
Crew: 10 total.

13 1963, September 22: another C-133 Cargomaster; Dover
for the Azores. Crew: 10.

14. 1964, February 8: Piper Apache between Grand Bahama
Island and West Palm Beach, Florida. 4 persons.

15. 1964, December 5: Cessna 140 with 2 persons; off New
Smyrna Beach, Florida.

16. 1965, June 5: a C-119 “Flying Boxcar”; Miami to Grand
Turk. Crew: 10. Was within 100 miles of Grand Turk.

17. 1965, September 15: Beechcraft c18s, with 3 persons,
near St. Thomas, VI, around 7:26 P.M.

18. 1965, October 31: Cessna 182 somewhere between
Marathon Key and Key West, Florida. 2 persons.

19. 1965, December 6: Ercoupe F01; between Fort
Lauderdale and West End, Grand Bahama. 2 persons.

20. 1965, December 29: a Piper Cherokee; South Caicos for
San Juan. 3 persons.

21. 1966, April 5: a converted cargo B-25; Fort Lauderdale
to Aruba.

22. 1966, September 20: Tampa to Baton Rouge; Piper
Commanche. 2 persons. (see arguments on shape)


23. 1967, January 11: Chase YC-122; between Fort
Lauderdale and Bimini in the Bahamas. 4 Persons.

24. 1967, January 14: a Beechcraft Bonanza near Key
N7210B 4 persons.

25. 1967, January 17: Piper Cherokee en route St. Thomas
from San Juan.

26. 1967, July 2: near Mayaguez, PR, a Cherokee. 4

27. 1967, August 6: between Miami & Bimini; Piper
Cherokee. 3 persons.

28. 1967, October 3: Cherokee; Great Inagua for San Juan.

29. 1967, November 8: Cessna 182; George Town, Great
Exuma and Nassau. 4 persons.

30. 1967, November 22: Cherokee near Cat Island,
Bahamas. 4 persons.

31. 1968, May 29: Cessna 172 near Grand Turk. 2 persons.

32. 1968, July 8: between Grand Bahama & West Palm
Beach; Cessna 180. 2 persons.

33. 1969, January 5: Piper Comanche between Pompano
Beach, FL & North Carolina. 2 persons.

34. 1969, February 15: Beechcraft 95-c55 en route Miami
from Georgia.

35. 1969, March 8: big Douglas DC-4 in cargo service;
after leaving the Azores. Crew: 3.

36. 1969, March 22: a Beechcraft between Kingston,
Jamaica & Nassau. 2 persons.

37. 1969, June 6: Cessna 172 between Grand Turk &
Caicos Island. 2 persons.

38. 1969, June 29: a B-95 Beechcraft Executive; Great
Inagua for San Juan.

39. 1969, August 3: Piper PA-22; West Palm Beach to
Albion, New Jersey. 2 persons.

40. 1969, October 11: Pilattus-Brittan-Norman Islander;
Great Inagua for Puerto Rico. 2 persons.

41. 1970, January 17: Piper Comanche; between Nassau &
Opa Locka, FL. 2 persons.

42. 1970, July 3: between Maiquetia, Venesuela & San
Juan, PR. Cessna 310G. 6 persons.

43. 1970, November 23: Piper Comanche between West
Palm Beach & Kingston, Jamaica. 3 persons.

44. 1971, March 20: a Cessna 177b with pilot en route
Andros Island from Miami at 3:18 P.M.

45. 1971, July 26: Horizon Hunter Club’s rental; near
Barbados. 4 persons.

46. 1971, September 10: Phantom II F-4E Jet; on routine
maneuvers 82 miles south of Miami. 2 pilots.

47. 1971, December 21: Cessna 150j with pilot after leaving
Pompano Beach; destination unknown.

48. 1972, October 10: Super Constellation between Miami
& Santo Domingo. 4 crew.

49. 1973, March 28: Cessna 172 after leaving West Palm
Beach, FL, with pilot.

50. 1973, May 25: a Navion A16 between Freeport and
West Palm Beach. 2 persons.

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Bermuda Triangle (move)

Bermuda Triangle (move)

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Bermuda Triangle Basics

Bermuda Triangle Basics
Guest Author - Lisa Shea

Many cruises take a path through the infamous Bermuda Triangle, which spans the ocean between Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico. This area is also known as the Devil's Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle has many natural hazards. First, it's a large stretch of ocean - someone sailing within it that could not navigate properly could easily get lost. There are many reefs in it. Second, pirates enjoyed hanging out in this area - pillaging and sinking boats. Third, it is right in the middle of the hurricane tracks, making any travel between June and November very risky.

However, the main reason that the Bermuda Triangle is notoriously bad for sailors and planes has to do with the earth's magnetic field. As you probably learned in geography class, the earth has a north pole and south pole that you see on maps. However, it ALSO has a magnetic north pole and magnetic south pole, created by the magnetic fields around the earth. The two are not the same.

Not only that, but because the earth is always in motion and changing, the magnetic poles actually move over time - at about 5mph per hour. Mapmakers and captains have to account for this motion. The resulting calculations can be very difficult at sea - and being off can easily result in being 30% away from your target.

All of this would be bad enough to start with - but the Bermuda Triangle has an additional problem. In many places on earth, the magnetic field is compromised because the earth's crust is thin, there's a large pile of ore nearby, or other problems. The Bermuda Triangle is one of those areas.

Because of all of these problems, several planes and ships have become lost in the triangle area. A legend was born! Of course in modern times, we are quite aware of how compasses work and how magnetic north moves on a day to day basis. With modern GPS technology, and hurricane tracking systems, there is little chance of a ship becoming lost in this area.

USS Cyclops - Lost Ship
Flight 19 - Lost Bombers

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Bermuda Triangle - Flight 19

Bermuda Triangle - Flight 19
Guest Author - Lisa Shea

One of the most famous Bermuda Triangle disappearances involves Flight 19. Happening in 1945, this took place in a modern era of radio communication and radar.

This flight involved five bombers that were stationed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Four of the five bombers was pilotted by trainees. On December 5 1945, the group flew a training mission out over the Bermuda Triangle area. The bombers, known as "Iron Birds", were a very heavy 14,000 pounds each.

The flight left at 2pm, with about 6 hours of fuel. The weather turned cloudy and rainy, and by 4pm the base heard the lead pilot calling to one of the other pilots, saying that he was having problems with his compass. This is typical for the Triangle, as magnetic issues with the region are well known. In addition, as they were out of sight of land, the lead pilot got disoriented and thought he was over the Keys, when actually he was probably over islands east of Florida. As a result, the more he tried to fly north "back to Florida", the more out to sea he got.

Transmission between the other planes indicates that the other pilots had figured this out - but that the leader refused to listen and stubbornly lead them on. The ground stations tried their best to help out. Through careful work, the ComGulf Sea Frontier Evaluation Center managed to get a positional fix on the group, east of Florida. But the pilots were so far from land that they could not hear the messages sent to them.

Unfortunately for the group, the planes never made it back to land. By the time they ran out of fuel, it would have been quite dark in heavy seas.

The weather was so bad that even the search / rescue attempts were hampered. One of the planes sent out to search crashed into the sea and was lost - this was a PBM plane.

Bermuda Triangle Basics

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Bermuda, "Isle of Devils"

Bermuda, known officially as the Bermuda Islands or Sommers Islands is a British Territory located approximately 65miles off the coast of the United States.

Being settled in 1612 , it's capital , Hamilton, is most populous and oldest continuously inhabited English town in the Americas Although usually referred to in the singular, the territory consists of approximately 138 islands, with a total area of 20.6 sq mi. The largest island, Main Island, is sometimes itself called Bermuda. Compiling a list of the islands is often complicated, as many have more than one name.

With finance being it's largest sector, Bermuda has a very affluent economy, tourism is the second largest industry on the islands..

Discovered in 1503 by Juan de Bermudez, it became a stopping off place to replenish ships with water and meat. Because of legends concerning spirits and demons, it soon gained the name "Isle of Devils" The many stories of ships and airplanes disappearing in confines of the Bermuda Triangle soon fed more fuel to the fire. To this day a certain mystic surrounds the whole area of Bermuda as well as many miles to the south.

Judging from first hand exerience, the seas can be treacherous. While on a 7 day cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Bermuda and Nassau, we experienced 20 foot seas for 30 hours,all while the weather was perfectly sunny and beautiful. I can appreciate how ships from an earlier era would not survive.

Surviving the high seas, landfall was made at the Royal Navy Pier around 4 pm on Sunday. Upon walking ashore, it was soon discovered that despite that fact a large cruise ship had just docked, all the stores were closed and wouldn't open until the following morning. It was nice to see there is still somewhere on this planet where the observance of Sunday and traditional values out weight the power of the almighty dollar.

Spending an enjoyable evening rambling around the Royal Navy Pier and discovering the many unique features thereof, it was time to retire and await the next day's adventures.

One of the nice things about Bermuda is the inexpensive transportation, a full day's fare on all the available forms of transportation, everything from water taxis to buses can be had for a paltry $6.

Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda is a modern, clean upbeat city, with all the amenities and shopping found in any American city, combine this with the British formality and one has a recipe for an enjoyable experience.

Our excursion to St. George's was delightful with the driver filling us in on all the history and unique features of the island.

Following a sea side lunch and a walking tour of the town of St. Georges, it was back on the bus for the returning ride to our floating hotel.

Gary has traveled to many parts of the world, see more articles and photos at:

Gary has developed a line of novelty gifts featuring some of his photos taken around the world.

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The Bermuda Triangle: Fact or Fiction(Video)

The Bermuda Triangle: Fact or Fiction(Video)

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Bermuda Triangle all the stories and secrets(Movie)

Bermuda Triangle all the stories and secrets

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You cannot think of Bermuda without thinking

You cannot think of Bermuda without thinking of the Bermuda Triangle, the so-called lethal area that devoured so many ships and planes with scores of human lives on them. A lot has been written convincingly about the facts and fiction regarding the disappearance of planes and wreckage of ships. The subject still continues to be debated.

The Bermuda Triangle is situated in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a stretch of Atlantic Ocean covered by an imaginary line connecting Florida to the islands of Bermuda, to Puerto Rico and then back to Florida. The actual triangle cannot be easily demarcated.

It was in fact one Vincent Gaddis who first coined the phrase “Bermuda Triangle” and gave an approximate idea of its location. Whether or not there is anything mysterious about this area, it has since become one of the greatest mysteries of our times and continues to evoke the interest of millions till today.

Many investigators have found that the causes of the disappearance of planes have been unnecessarily mystified. According to them the disappearing can be scientifically explained. For example, it was claimed that a plane had disappeared in the clam seas, but later on the investigations proved that there was fierce storm that caused the accident In fact most people believe that the Bermuda triangle is as dangerous or as safe as any other area in the Atlantic Ocean. The US Coast Guard have investigated and confirmed with statistics the veracity of this conclusion, which has not been refuted so far. It has also been established beyond a doubt, for example, that the explosion of Flight 19 was caused due to the fact that the plane’s non-pressurized cabin, with 22 men aboard, exploded with the single spark of a cigarette.

Despite all these scientific explanations, the Bermuda Triangle continues to be shrouded in mystery, evoking both charm and fear in the minds of the people.

Bermuda provides detailed information on Bermuda, Bermuda Cruises, Bermuda Triangle, Bermuda Weather and more. Bermuda is affiliated with Spring Break Bermuda Cruises.

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Photos of Strange Triangle

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BERMUDA TRIANGLE, the best-known of a variety of folk names given to a triangular region of the Atlantic Ocean whose apexes are Miami, Florida; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and the island of Bermuda. Numerous ships and aircraft have disappeared in the area, the most famous being a flight of five U.S. Navy Avenger torpedo bombers that failed to return from a routine training mission in December 1945. Other losses range from small pleasure boats to the 542-foot U.S. Navy collier Cyclops, lost with all hands in 1918. Since the 1960s, some commentators have attributed these disappearances to powerful, mysterious forces that include UFOs, time warps, and the "lost continent" of Atlantis. Scientific and maritime authorities have consistently rejected these explanations in favor of naturalistic ones such as turbulent seas, rapidly changing weather conditions, and the errors of inexperienced sailors and pilots.

The name "Bermuda Triangle" first appeared in a 1964 Argosy Magazine article by Vincent Gaddis. A widely reprinted 1967 National Geographic Society press release gave it national prominence. Charles Berlitz's sensationalistic book The Bermuda Triangle (1974) and Steven Spielberg's references to the Avengers' Flight 19 in his film Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) bracketed the peak of the legend's popularity.


Kusche, Larry. The Bermuda Triangle MysterySolved. New York: Harper and Row, 1975. Buffalo, N.Y.: Prometheus Books, 1995. Debunks the legend in detail.

A. Bowdoin Van Riper

See also Unidentified Flying Objects .

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Strange stories about the Bermuda Triangle

Strange stories about the Bermuda Triangle

These are strange stories about the Bermuda Triangle
1 - say that the curse of the devil to the throne of God in the Bermuda Triangle
2 - or to be the only force the region to attract an enormous magnetic
3 - This may be the region, as explained by scientists as one of the easiest points and the weakest point to penetrate the atmosphere, including the Tri Clay Pigeon penetrate the atmosphere from the Bermuda Triangle
4 - One theory says that if a person was able to make a vehicle speed of light .. and it broke through the Bermuda Triangle because of the time ...
5 - The Bermuda Triangle control the beast .. and believed that the enormous tentacles

The Bermuda Triangle is the mysterious triangle, which puzzled many people and observers and journalists did not ... this is the triangle of the planes and ships .. This is the triangle Valfrd .... it was discovered missing this triangle the Sea, Christopher Columbus, who arrived in the Triangle, even Ray The compass is not a natural move in an extraordinary manner and it was in 1492 ... Christopher Farahlp the future will be spelled out in detail when he entered the Bermuda Triangle in the next article, God willing

The following Alahudt that have been recorded in the Bermuda Triangle over the years, as follows:
1 - Rosalie French ship found in the August 27 of 1840 abandoned the passengers, but was in good condition, near the island of Jaddaaa Nsaw and sails were mounted, and the passengers were abandoned for a few hours with no leakage of water and the passengers were Amtat still intact and is not on board alive only in the Canary bird cage almost dying from hunger.
2 - HMS Bella, one of the major vessels that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in 1854, into a triangle, but by those who find debris in the sea and those who are not survivors of the disaster.
3 - Queen Mary and her grandmother Celi d'Ail Wereita ship free of its crew in 1872 was described as the ship they found in their Algida The pitchers Alphenagiyl coffee warm and full of coffee and toys Aserair over and above the bottle of oil, capable of sewing, this means that the sea is calm hours of their disappearance.
4 - Atlanta, the ship sailed from Bermuda on board the 290 sailors and officers, in the year 1880 has disappeared on her way to England without leaving a trace.

As well as the availability of ships to the year 1840 had disappeared and the ship disappeared Viego year 1868 and the ship Merafon year 1884 .... and 1881 years of sailing the ship disappeared, Allen Stone, English, and found them without any trace of the crew and is in good condition ..


What we have indicated the incidents in the Bermuda Triangle was in previous centuries ... We are now talking about incidents on the twentieth century as follows:

Ship Phraya ... It is of German nationality and found abandoned Rkabhave from October 20 in 1902 and was in a way Hili was found abandoned and empty of its crew and the agenda of the master open October 4, which shows that a disaster has occurred directly after the sailing has learned that the winds at the time the calm ...

Joshua Slocum ... Wu, the name of the captain of the most famous and the most experienced person in the world .. disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in 1909 ... All of this is known as the captain knew very well that Amaher and the sea is one of fear and of knowledge of a large sea secrets ... However, it did not find any trace in the Bermuda Triangle ...

Saiklobs .... U.S. Saiklux the ship sailed in 1918 from Aloist Indies, carrying 309 people was bound to me .... Norfolk But failed to reach .. Despite intensive research, but one which did not reach any trace of them .. Ship was not sent any distress call ....

Carol A.. Dering ... The legitimacy of a five-Sawari .. Found grounded on the shores of Diamond Cwalz year 1921 and all sails raised and there was a meal is still on the stove was not only the ship Qttin only after a comprehensive examination of the crew, the U.S. government did not find any trace of the members ........

Raivuku Maru ... Japanese ship with the latest appeal, which was the year 1925 .. (It's like dagger. Brought quickly) this is the voice of fear going through the wireless (Please Bring inevitably we will not survive) ... After that, the vote is over and the silence of the sea ... In the meantime there were other ships heard the voice of distress and is surprised that the atmosphere was calm .. Did not find it after then ..

Cotopaxi .. Ship disappeared in 1925 on a trip to Havana ... Disappeared in unknown circumstances of the sea ...

Cargo ship ... Sadovko also vanished, and official said the vessel had been swallowed by a great monster in the depths of the sea ..... Any effect after that and that was the year 1926

Stavanger ... The Norwegian vessel carrying 43 people, in the year 1931 .. and going to one of the Albahamz ... Have disappeared by the ship and did not leave any trace ... After the search has expanded ... The mysterious disappearance of the conditions .....

John and Mary .... 1932

To Adhama .... 1935

Gloria Kuleta .... 1940

Protéus Neros .... 1941

Rubikon .... 1944

All of these ships found drifting off the coast free of its crew and its passengers ... No one knows why the crew and passengers disappear ... Although the escape boats are still on board the ships and the presence of personal belongings of the crew and passengers ..... mysterious circumstances surrounding this terrible triangle ... What a horror Egeroe of the challenge of the triangle .....

Flight 19 ... Bellowed the year 1945 aircraft type 5 anti-Uffingr Torbeid over the airport and flew Oderdal Bojnhatha of the greatest mystery of the flight until that time ... The trip was 19 she recorded a routine patrol about 160 miles and then return directly to its base and estimated flight hours and had all experienced pilots. . The weather was beautiful and strange Arslo message:
Pilot: Control tower this is an emergency and the speaker's voice was troubled .. Show that we are in the wrong direction .. we can not see the ground .. I repeat .. Ntstia not to see the ground.
Tower: What is your
Pilot: We are not able to determine the site .. Landry exactly where we are ... showing us that we Dhaiaien
The tower: he went to the West

Then dominated by a long silence in the voice Navarra careful: do not know in which direction the West .. Everything is strange and wrong .. Ndrioulsena sure of trends, even the ocean does not appear as they should.

The tower officer at a loss of command and the sun was on the verge of extinction and will be sealed off from the pilots .. time is running out and the tower heard the Word of the pilots and speak with them and they were afraid and confused that they blame the twin planes side by side ..

Were sent an amphibious plane to rescue superstars .. After a while the plane is now easy Mufcodein number .. then sent an additional aircraft, ships and warned that a huge rose and began the inspection of the aircraft, the search throughout the night .. The next day began the largest search operation of the U.S. Navy and Air Force ... 300 aircraft and 21 ships .. Teams roaming the wild shores of the coast of Florida .. "Everyone's looking for the lost six aircraft and 27 by a man ........... But to no avail .... That the Bermuda Triangle, does not it ..

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