Sunday, 18 October 2009

Bermuda Cruise Ships

Most of the lines that provide cruise ships for Bermuda have their own independent schedules. But the combined information about all of them is provided by Marine and Ports division of Bermuda’s government, which publishes the schedules of all cruise ship calls for a particular year at the beginning of each year. This schedule is also available online.

Though the government has been trying to encourage more air travel to the island, most visitors prefer to reach the island on a cruise ship. The local government has put a cap on the maximum number of passengers per cruise ship and the total number of passengers that can visit each year. These limits are revised at regular intervals. These limits are to prevent the small island from being overrun at any given time, and also to prevent strain on the island’s resources.

The local shopkeepers, storeowners and other businessmen eagerly await the arrival of Bermuda cruise ships, whose passengers provide most of their income. While traveling on a Bermuda cruise ship, one must not forget that Bermuda has very strict drug laws. Any passenger caught with even the smallest amount of a narcotic substance could face serious consequences.

To abide by law, cruise ships sailing from US to Bermuda have to have certain fixed number of cabins and staterooms available for the disabled/physically handicapped. Some cruise ships may try to ignore the law by not checking or verifying the disability of the disabled passengers. A disabled person can use certain legal remedies in case he or she is denied a cabin, meant specifically for disabled, in one of these cruise ships

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